Awaken Youth Group
Why Awaken?
We chose the name Awaken because we want this generation to wake up and realize that they are special, they are important, and God loves them very much! God has a plan and destiny for everyone’s lives, and this includes teenagers!
What’s Our GOAL?
To make a difference!  We want to make a difference in each teenager’s life, in the lives of people around us, and our community!  Let’s face it, sometimes the Bible can be a little confusing…and most teenagers may even think it’s a little boring… BUT God’s word is exiting, and completely relevant for today’s generation!  At Awaken Youth Group teenagers can hear and learn God’s Word in a way they will never forget, and have a personal relationship with Jesus that will last a lifetime!
What Do WE Do?
Awaken Youth Group is active throughout the year.  Besides having weekly teen class each Wednesday night and Sunday School Class each Sunday morning…we attend Teen Conferences, go to concerts, as well as hanging out and having fun together.